A person has been stopped wakeboarding on a road after extreme flooding hit Remuera.

A police spokeswoman said police stopped the wakeboarder who was being towed by a car in ankle-deep water on Portland Rd. The officers then closed the road.

Jess Gunn who is staying in Devonport said the bad weather is not all doom and gloom. Her brother and another teenager had taken to boogie boarding down their flooded street – Hastings Parade – into a park.

She said the dip in the street created the perfect puddle around 30cm deep that the boys were skidding into.

“We laughed when we saw them. I wanted to join in.”

A person was also rescued on the same road. They were trapped in their car due to floodwater, the police spokeswoman said.

Photo / Simon Hemmings
Photo / Simon Hemmings

Credit to New Zealand Herald.

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