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New Zealand borders are now open! Employers are underway with recruiting from offshore, to fill huge skill shortages throughout New Zealand. There has never been a better time to get started on your journey. We can help you get your dream of work-life balance in New Zealand!

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Jobs Up North (Northland)

Jobs Up North (Northland)


Looking for jobs up north? Working In has a range of Northland valances for foreigners. Whether you’re after a full-time graduate job or a senior management position, we can help you find your dream role. Browse our jobs in Northland today to find a role relevant to your skills and experience.


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Full-Time Jobs in Northland

The Northland has a smaller job market compared to other areas of New Zealand - however, its appealing lifestyle has made it an attractive place to live and work. Various industries up North and growing significantly – for instance, the region’s ageing population has increased the demand for health professionals and caregivers. The construction industry is expected to grow, with jobs available for all people with all levels of experience. There is also high demand for specialist managers, engineering technicians and lower-skilled construction workers.

Working In has the latest full-time jobs up north for skilled workers. All foreign workers must have the correct visa to work in New Zealand. If you already have a full-time job offer in the Northland, you may be eligible for a resident visa. The skilled migrant system will assess various factors to determine your eligibility, including your age, health, work experience, English language skills, and character. For more information about resident visas, you can check the Immigration New Zealand website.

Northland Job Search

Working In makes it easy for foreigners to find work in New Zealand. Our helpful job search tool will allow you to filter your options and find the perfect role. Filter up-north jobs by industry, region, city, company name, experience and salary range. Apply for a job in Northland today to secure a role with a top employer.

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