Border Update

New Zealand borders are opening in 2022 and some exemptions are already being allowed for critical workers.

We are accepting applications for critical workers, and for all other roles advertised (as there may always be a chance that we can grant an exemption and most employers we work with have started interviewing in anticipation of borders opening).

In order to move to New Zealand, you must have a job offer. We specialise in helping overseas applicants navigate their way to New Zealand. Please apply and we will be in contact to see what your personal circumstances are.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Not ready to apply? Click here to see if you are eligible to move to New Zealand with our FREE online eligibility appraisal.



Jobs in Auckland | Working in New Zealand

Jobs in Auckland

Working In New Zealand can help you establish a career in Auckland in which you can thrive and continue to build your strengths.  Start searching our current job opportunities in Auckland for positions that align with your unique skills and qualifications today.


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Jobs in Auckland

As one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing cities, the metropolis of Auckland has many job opportunities in numerous industries, including engineering, construction, healthcare, education, and hospitality.  When you are looking for a job in Auckland, first note any additional conditions you require, such as an entry-level role with training, work closely related to your qualifications, or flexibility for family life.  Once you have you clarified the necessities for your new role, you will find it much easier to filter your options and examine Auckland job offers to ensure they are a great match for your lifestyle.

Full-time Jobs in Auckland

The specific immediate and long-term job shortages in Auckland industries vary from year to year.  At any given time, you may be able to find full-time qualified and non-qualified roles in multiple Auckland industries.  For example, listed job openings in the Auckland Education and Training category with Working In New Zealand include senior university lecturers as well as intermediate, primary, and early childhood education teachers.  Vacancies in the Trades and Services category include full-time diesel mechanics, scaffolders, and arborists.

One of the most important things you must have when looking for a full-time job is the correct visa for working in New Zealand.  If you already have an offer of skilled employment in Auckland, you can check the Skilled Migrant Category system. This system calculates your eligibility to apply for a New Zealand resident visa based on your age (55 and under) and whether you have suitable English language skills, health, good character, qualifications, and work experience in one of Auckland’s job shortage industries.  For more details about eligibility for the Skilled Migrant Category and the specific requirements for working visas, check the New Zealand Immigration website.

Auckland Job Search

Working In helps find excellent job vacancies for skilled migrants and professionals like yourself, offering tools to help match your skills and requirements with some of Auckland’s leading companies.  Browse full-time jobs available in Auckland today using our Search tool, where you can filter current vacancies by region, city, company name, industry category, specific occupations, and salary range.

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