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Trades and Services Jobs in New Zealand

Are you interested in finding a job in the trades and services industry?  Working In offers a wide-ranging selection of the latest full-time trade jobs in New Zealand for foreigners.

Whether you’re looking for qualified electrician work or a full-time job as a diesel mechanic, we can help you find excellent career opportunities in the trades and services industry.  Advance your career journey in New Zealand today by browsing the latest trade job vacancies on Working In.


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Search Trades and Services Vacancies

Working In New Zealand is designed to help skilled international workers find trade work with great companies in New Zealand.  To find a full-time trade job, use our search tool to match your individual requirements.  You can easily browse relevant trade job vacancies by filtering by industry category, occupation, city, region, salary range and company name to find a role that suits your experience and lifestyle.

Throughout the country, there are plenty of opportunities to pursue a career in trades and services.  Most employers prefer to hire individuals with relevant education or training in the field.  Both domestic and internationally skilled trade workers are welcome to apply for full-time positions in New Zealand – find your dream trade job with Working In!

Trades Needed in New Zealand

Due to a shortage of skilled and trained workers, there is a high demand for trade workers in New Zealand.  Skilled workers from overseas are encouraged to apply for trades and services jobs throughout the country.  Current positions in the trades & services section of Working In include full-time electrician work, full-time diesel mechanic jobs, and more.  To get started on your job search, browse all our latest trade job vacancies from top employers in the country today.

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